Over the past 20 years the EOA, created by exam officers for exam officers, has been supporting and representing its community effectively in the education and exam sector. This organisation grew out of the need to serve a very disparate community working in isolation with no representation on websites, at events and before social media was created. The EOA forums and local network groups followed by various regional and national events helped bolt the whole community together around a focused professional workforce.

Social media has transformed the whole communication issue with exam officers feeling less isolated and the advent of certain activities suggest a greater engagement by this community in education and exam sectors. However, if one looks at the communication traffic one finds the same rhetoric over issues and concerns not being addressed by the system, with exams officers still feeling poorly represented. 

The exams officer community now have a chance through this new website and social media forums to get together and drive the agenda on exams delivery, reduce their workload, cut costs and serve the learners they support even more effectively.

Why not link into your local and national network across the UK and the world on this website?