note: The EOA closed on 31st December 2019

EOA (international) approach:

We influence, campaign for and develop, expert informative and socially inclusive programmes and services which seek to support the educational community, learners and their families, to help exceed their expectations and improve lives.

We want to encourage change in the Status quo of education and to encourage life-long learning in the UK and Internationally.

  • A more, receptive educational experience through a more inclusive examination system, where both educators and learners feel more engaged, supported and fulfilled.
  • A World where all learners and their families* can expect the opportunity to exceed expectations, achieve aspirations and feel a greater sense of meaning. * (especially those from within the SEND and externally supported student community)

EOA (international) Mission Statement:

Inform, include and inspire Exams Officers and the wider Educational Sector they serve

note: A2A is in the process of restructuring this website to reflect a wider community beyond the EOA membership ethos and much of the EOA components will be relocated into their own area.