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SMU\CPD2: (Introduction) Administering exams and the exam office role                  £360/£300

SMU\CPU3: (Intermediate) Managing and administering examinations                       £460/£400

SMU\CPU4: (Higher)           Managing and administering examinations                        £560/£500

SMU\CPU5: (Advanced)     Research & development on exams delivery in centres      £660/£600


Please invoice my centre for £_____     I agree to the Terms and Conditions  | My method of payment is  

  1. By cheque - payable to The EOA international for                                                             £ _______ or
  2. You can pay by automatic payment on our website using our ‘Charity shop’ facility for    £ _______
  3. Your centre will be sent an invoice before or after payment to complete your centre paperwork.

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Once completed please SCAN this FORM and SEND it to [email protected]

If you are interested in a payment plan, please ring the iEOA to discuss this before sending in the application form

As well as being allocated your own personal tutor, we encourage tutees to contact each other to share good practice, or just network with other people in their locality who are also taking the same level of qualification. Any question email the eoa.office or call 0118 975 8552 

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