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iEOA Payments Page


Note: 1. You can pay by card or by Direct Debit listed under stage 5 in the process.

          2. You can bypass the social media section by entering your email and clicking Next.

          3. Whatever method you use to pay, you will always be sent an invoice to complete
              the documentation in your centre.


Centre Membership

  • Standard Full Centre Membership = £60 (annual fee)
  • Special offer: Why not claim a two year membership
  • fee at this year's rate? You can add years when you click on the Pay Here button.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Exam Officer Staff

  • SMU/CPD2 - Introduction level to administering exams
                       and the exam office role
  • SMU/CPD3 - Intermediate level to managing
                       and administering examinations
  • SMU/CPD4 - Higher level to managing and administering
  • SMU/CPD5 - Advanced level for research & development on
                       exams delivery in centres

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - Invigilation Team

  • IQ/CPD INV2   - Standard Invigilator Award
  • IQ/CPD SINV3 - Senior Invigilator Award
  • IQ/CPD MINV3 - Management Award


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