Miracles do come true!



Back in 2000 there were many sceptics in the exam office community who felt life would never change. That they would remain a down trodden group.


That exam office staff would always remain unrewarded. Forgotten and undervalued. Well Jan Martin getting her MBE for services to the exam office community has blown that myth away. That this community would never have their own representative professional body to speak at the highest level. The EOA is about to represent this community at Westminster. Another myth gone.


These are difficult times, but your elected members are working very hard behind the scenes, often against the odds, to represent your views and concerns. But the future is not about keeping up with the past and making do, it’s about changing and adapting to the future, knowing our community can stand alongside establishment and say, we have made an invaluable contribution to the education system, and we can make our own little bit of history.


Andy Murray did not just win through in the end on Sunday; he beat the best player in the world with dogged termination and sense of, 'well I am good enough to be valued and recognised for the person I am, a winner!'


You just have to believe that as a community working together, we can make miracles come true!