The case for change by OfSted

The following extract is taken from the recent presentation by OfSted  to the Association of Colleges on the new inspection regime to be launched next September 2019.


Accountability is important, but the system as currently constructed can divert education providers from the real substance of education.


An industry has arisen around data: what students and apprentices learn is too often coming second to the delivery of performance measures.


This data focus also leads to an unnecessary workload for teachers and trainers, diverting them from the reason they chose to enter the profession.


Paul Joyce HMI Deputy Director, Further Education & Skills


Can one urge you to look at slide 7 and slide 12 which underpins a change in focus from a qualification driven educational experience towards a teaching and learning experience where the wellbeing of the workforce is being taken into account and addressed within the new inspection regime? This change in approach will have an impact on the whole education sector so watch this space.