iEOA report on survey of 2017 Summer Exams period


This is the first survey under the newly named Examination Officers’ Association (EOA), the International Examination Officers’ Association (iEOA) launched in September 2017 which will continue to provide an independent impartial and authoritative view and insights into how the operational activities of the exam system impact on centre delivery and on the wider educational sector, through collaborative and responsive sector led feedback.


The response rate from the exam officer membership community was divided between the existing members, both new and established (68% of the recipients), with non-members, making up two groups –‘Not a member, but would like to be (4%)’ and  ‘Not a member, but would like my views represented (28%)’. This divided community that has now evolved over the past few years only helps to maintain an isolated community that is built on a dependency culture.


As the survey results spell out there is clear evidence that the processes and practices that have served the system well in the past are becoming less tenable, and the approach of keeping and maintaining existing systems and practices going while failing to address the underlying issues which could improve the whole sector can only lead to decline in the quality of service.


Fortunately, within its broader remit the iEOA as the only independent professional body of its kind in the UK and Abroad, can represent all the views of the exam officer’s community including those who are not current members, whose vital contribution also deserves to be acknowledged and promoted.

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The iEOA Team (26/01/2018)