Stand up for your own CPD


The EOA has always honoured its commitment to raising the profile of this community through encouraging continuing personal professional development. The orginal BTEC CPD programme was very much designed around supporting the JCQ and it's exam body members' processes and practices, but the exam office community demanded more and the move towards the College of Teachers programme took CPD onto another level.


Time moves on and so the new CPD programme from St. Mary's University which will be launched this term must reflect the needs of this community and the changes across the whole exam and education sector.


This letter from an EOA member we hope will encourage you to start looking at your own situation and realise that you do have choices and the opportunity outside the usual offer of advice and support which promotes a dependency culture that suppresses confidence, professionalism and a more flexible workforce that is capable of responding to change and reform effectively.


Hi Andrew and Jan,


I wanted to share something with you and say a massive thank you to the EOA.  Please feel free to use anything here to encourage others to do a qualification.


At a conference many years ago Bill Owens (then of the NAA and now with the JCQ) persuaded me to take a BTEC with you.  You had a stand at the conference and I picked up the information and embarked on what would turn out to be a career changing decision.  I did the BTEC Level 4 which made me realise how much I actually knew and filled the gaps of missing knowledge.  I was then asked to become a tutor with the EOA which I have thoroughly enjoyed.


When I speak to other EO’s so many of them feel undervalued and are told what to do rather than consulted.  By doing this qualification it made me an ‘expert’ in my field and showed that this wasn’t just a job to me but something I wanted to develop and do well at.


It gave credence to my role and my SLT soon started asking for my opinion on anything exams related.  They never make decisions for me but ask me what I feel is the best way to do something.  I am always consulted in decision making and over the years they have come to realise that exams are in safe hands.


This in turn has also given me the opportunity to take on other roles.


As well as Exams Officer I now have the following roles:

Last September I became Vocational Subjects Manager (ensure quality assurance and standardisation throughout our non-vocational subjects including BTEC Quality Nominee). 

As from this September I am also Associate Senior Leader with responsibility for Student Leadership AND a co-opted member of the Senior Leadership Team.  This is the first time a non-teaching member of staff has been on the SLT.


This all started with my BTEC, making sure people sat up and listened because I was serious about the job I was doing.  I would encourage any EO out there to do a qualification.  It can seem daunting as it may well be a long time since they did a qualification but they will be surprised how much they know once they start. 


A massive thank you to the EOA for providing EO’s with the opportunity to achieve a professional qualification.  You never know where it will lead! 


Lorraine Woodley

Examinations and Vocational Subjects Manager at Haygrove School