JCQCIC Awarding Organisations / Teaching Associations Meeting, 29 April 2016

St Matthew's Conference Centre, 20 Great Peter Street, London


Unfortunately, Andrew Harland was unable to attend this meeting which he has regularly attended since 2004. Terry Ford stepped in on his behalf to represent the EOA community which is an affiliate member of the ATL, and therefore part of the teaching community representation in exam centres.


One notable addition for the first time at this meeting was the presence of a representative from The Exams Office. They were invited by the JCQ which is the representative trade body for the awarding organisations who attend these meetings, and not by the centre based community.


There has been a lack of clarity on the positioning of this organisation and whom they appear to represent over the past two years, especially in relation to some of the statements and references emanating from The Exam Office website and through social media.


From the appearance of The Exam Office at the invitation of the awarding bodies, the positioning of this organisation in the exam market place is now much clearer. The EOA will however, continue to operate as an independent organisation, representing and supporting its exam office and teaching colleagues in centres so they can provide the best environment for the benefit of all students undertaking public examinations.