Board of Trustees March meeting

Elected and co-opted members representing the school and college exam office community meet three times a year to discuss what are the key issues and concerns which impact on this role, and one of the key focuses in March is on forthcoming summer exams.


A full report from this meeting will be released after Easter which outlines the future strategy for the EOA and how it will meet the future needs of this community based upon existing membership levels which remain buoyant, despite all the pressure on centre budgets.


However, in our review on membership, there is a section of the exam office community who seem to have lost contact with the EOA over the years, who originally may have been set up and established under the old modernisation programme which the EOA had loyally supported.


It was clear from the recent meeting, and this will be reflected in the forthcoming announcements after Easter, that the EOA needs to move away from those historic affiliations and ethos and provide a more cost effective organisation, which offers members good value for money, built on its well established sound, authentic, philosophy and practice.


Please note that once the EOA has ended its review of its data base there will be a purge of all centres who are no longer active members and this might impact on their future access to products and services.


We are continually being contacted by centres wanting to access various resources and discounts, only to discover they have let their membership lapse and/or have not updated the EOA usually because communications have broken down as a result of staff changes. We urge all centres to contact the EOA office as soon as possible just in case your renewal invoice has gone astray.