Supporting the EOA model

In a the present SecEd bulletin this week, referenced on the EOA website there is an article called – ‘Supporting your exams officer’ and it highlights the following point that – ‘The role of exams officer is misunderstood … is sometimes mistaken as being purely an administrative role’.


This is such a revelation coming from an organisation that promotes itself as the replacement organisation of government, who as agents of government refused to change their documentation and presentations year-after-year, despite the EOA lobbying for them to promote this role appropriately and incorporate the management responsibilities which face many centre exam office staff on a day-to-day basis.  


This unhelpful establishment attitude is part of the reason why the EOA exam office community have struggled to move the debate on and get the recognition it deserves. The EOA has had to stand alone in trying to represent this community for over 15 years and welcomes the fact that it is finally having an influence on these people and that they are openly acknowledging the EOA message.


So let’s take the positives from this revelation and hope that all the rhetoric over support is not just another version of historic government speak which promised our community a level of professional status, now being maintained and promoted actively through the EOA model.


And let’s hope that there is a genuine desire behind these words to aspire to the needs of this community, and avoid the disappointment left by various government agencies who had other priorities, and ended up proactively maintaining a system that seemed to do very little to improve the life and work of this invaluable community at grass roots level.