Association of Colleges exam office conference

Every year the Association of Colleges (AoC) hold a conference for their exam office community and this year it was held in Nottingham with over 57 colleges represented, of which just under 50% were existing members of the EOA.




David Merriman | Rosalyn Stapleton | Gillian Russell | Chris Hemming

(representing the AoC community on the EOA board)

For the first time the EOA was very well represented with three separate workshops being run by EOA members on a variety of topics. The EOA now have three college representatives on its Board of Trustees which we hope will not only encourage more members from the college sector and bring a lot of new expertise to how the EOA should operate across the exams delivery community.


There were some very key issues dealt with at the conference and these included –

  • In reference to the provision of Access Arrangements colleges often have a very narrow window of opportunity to get to know their cohorts, assess their need, and implement that need throughout both general and vocational programmes of study, unlike schools which have students usually for a longer period of time.
  • Secondly, on this topic, colleges are continually being confronted by students making requests based upon their experience and expectations created in schools, which they feel they cannot always match because colleges operate in a different delivery environment.
  • Thirdly, that the EOA will be working with the AoC on surveying the school and college community on Access Arrangements which both communities are struggling with to deliver due to the growing numbers of requests year-on-year.