External Candidate Update 

As mentioned in previous articles the EOA has picked up the baton given to it by an Education Select Committee a few years ago to try to build a bridge between a growing external candidate community and the exam office community.


The EOA are setting up a national database of centres offering external candidates exam services and to help this the EOA have provided the following.

  • A template for all centres to record their offer of services
  • A template for external candidates to make their requests
  • Full help and guidance on how to setup your centre in the Exams Oracle
  • Close links with the National Extension College (NEC) in Cambridge

The EOA then filters out all the erroneous requests before approaching a centre that might meet an external candidate’s requirements. Once the centre is happy that they can meet the request, the EOA steps aside and leaves the two parties to work out the financial and procedural details.


So if you want to join the national database; add your support to a needy cause and make some money for your centre , get in touch at eoa.office@examofficers.org.uk – title 'External Candidate centre offer 2016' to chat through possibilities.