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December | iEOA Office

14 Update on JCQ malpractice Commission

December | iEOA Office

13 New Inspection framework by OfSted

November | iEOA Office

12 Update on JCQ & OfQual meetings

November | Telegraph | Camilla Turner

11 Nearly one in five pupils get extra time in exams, watchdog finds

November | SecEd |Gerry Freeman

10 SEND, Pupil Premium & parents

November | Schools Week | Jess Staufenberg

09 Think about impact of behaviour policies on mental health, heads told

November | SecEd | Pete Henshaw

08 Charity urges Ofsted to focus on wellbeing

October | iEOA Office

07 It’s about time we considered the ‘Wellbeing’ of the exam officer community?  

October | iEOA Office

06 Concerns over JCQ announcements on accommodation

October | iEOA Office

05 Post results services may have just taken

September | OfQual Blog

04 Summer exams are an all-year-round effort

September | iEOA Office

03 A level results under inspection

September | iEOA office

02 GCSE post results beware!

September | TES | Andrew Otty

01 GCSE resits: 'Focus on success, not failure'



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