Exams Office Network Service

(this service has been suporting this community for 12 years)

Whether you are New or Experienced its vital to keep in touch with what is going on locally, regionally and nationally. The iEOA want to encourage sharing good practice throughout the whole exam office community and reduce this feeling of isolation.


How to use the Network Service click here: 

  If you have any difficulties in accessing this service please contact the iEOA office at eoa.office@examofficers.org.uk or phone 0118 972 8552

 If you cannot access the networks via

the MAP below you can access groups from te index below. 

>North West Network & Isle of Man | >North East Network | >York & Humberside

>West Midlands Network | >East Midlands Network

>East of England Network

>London Local Network | >South & South East Network 

>South West Network

>Scotland | >Wales | >N. Ireland | >Channel Islands

Old TCOT/ BTEC Network (click here for more contacts - members only)