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Welcome to the FREE EOA National Network Service

(Available since 2010 and supported by the DfE, AQA, OCR and Pearson)


The EOA Network service supports members & the wider community.

  • to establish exam office led meetings that meet local needs and concerns
  • to help build a local peer support community
  • to help secure a local voice which is then linked into a national framework
  • to provide a better two-way communication between centres and other stakeholders
  • to help establish more opportunities for promoting professional development

This is an independent service which is not attached to any specific awarding organisations and/or company and therefore seeks to encourage the promotion of such networks for developing a broader support platform, beyond commercial objectives, to facilitate a more confident and professional workforce which can engage more effectively on behalf of the centres they serve.

 To Access this service please register/log-in on the EOA website

Step 1. go to registration page and register to access the EOA website

Step 2. you will be emailed to confirm your email address

Step 3. the next time you access the site you must log-on to see the Network Service


Please note that this Service is FREE. You do not have to join the EOA to use it but you do need to register as part of our commitment to security for our community. EOA members are supporting this service through their centre membership so if you want such services to continue why not go one step further and join us to help build even more resources and support, built around your needs for a change!


Step 4. Use the service. Enjoy it. Help develop it by joining in!


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