Neil Beck is an Assistive Technology Assessor at the National Star College in Gloucestershire. Link to Star College

He has worked with students with a wide range of disabilities and enjoys applying technology in different contexts. The feedback from schools has been very positive: particularly with individualised assessments and customised training packages.

“When I work with schools one of the biggest concerns is how they will access technology in exams. We really value the support that the EOA provides to schools and are very happy to work with them to support schools – and campaign for students to be able to access education and exams no matter what their abilities are.”

Talk to Neil about:

  • Computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • Screen readers
  • Exam Access Arrangements
  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Changing visual settings on computers
  • Peripherals – different mice, joysticks, rollerballs, eye-gaze, head mice and Switch Access
  • Mouse filtering hardware and software for tremors
  • Product development
  • Creating guides
  • Technology

Services provided:

  • Experience and training in SLT, Education & Care.
  • Experience working for the LIFT Programme
  • Certified Dragon Naturally Speaking Trainer
  • Certified Texthelp Read & Write Gold Trainer
  • Providing I.T. access and assistive technology for our students at National Star.
  • Provides support to staff to integrate assistive technology to improve sessions.
  • Offering assistive technology services to schools, colleges and other organisations that would benefit from access to a range of equipment, software and expertise.

You can contact the EOA at [email protected] EOA or Neil at [email protected]