The National Extension College: Life-changing learning and lowering barriers to external candidates.

Founded in 1963, the National Extension College (NEC) has provided high-quality, supported distance learning courses for over 55 years. Over this time, whilst developing and utilising innovations in technology and learning, our mission has remained the same; to ensure that education is accessible to everyone, and to enable individuals to fulfil their potential. We are proud of our legacy and reputation but, most of all, we are proud of the thousands of students we have helped support over our many years to succeed and achieve their ambitions.

NEC works in partnership with the Examination Officers Association (EOA) to provide support and guidance for external candidates for exams. We value their student centred approach and commitment to lowering barriers to external candidates’ access to the examinations system.

Many students are not aware that it can be difficult to enter for a GCSE or A level exam as a private candidate, and that examination centres in schools and colleges have no obligation to take on private candidates. NEC is pleased that we can take away the headache of organising and locating a centre to sit exams with our unique examination entry service. As an approved centre we can offer a complete service to students, including the ability to deal with all aspects of non-exam-assessments (NEAs) from supervision and authentication through to examination. We have also produced an essential exams handbook, which provides information for all students preparing to take exams as a private candidate. All our centres work hard to provide a professional and friendly service, which is valued by our students.

Thanks to our work in this area and the EOA’s continuing investment and support in opening access to external candidates, we are delighted that large numbers of students have benefited from a seamless way to achieve their GCSE and A Level qualifications.
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