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Centre Membership Types available

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Full Members (MiEOA):

                                                        for Exam Managers/Officers/Assistances

Full membership is open to all Exam Office Personnel working within a registered centre anywhere in the world.  Full members are entitled to use the suffix MiEOA when they pay an annual subscription fee and in return have access to all the Association’s benefits and services including the members section of the website. 

Affiliate members (AiEOA):

                                                        for invigilators/SENCOs/Data Managers

This is a new category of membership being given to the invigilation, SENCOs and Data Managers community which are attached to all exam offices and play such an important role in helping to deliver a successful exam system. These affiliate members are entitled to use the suffix AiEOA and have access to their own web pages and services on the site.

Honorary Members (HiEOA)

This category of membership applies to retired Exam Office Personnel who still wish to stay in touch with the Association via newsletters and other communications.  There is no subscription applicable to EOA Honorary members and they are entitled to suffix their name with the designation of HiEOA, but cannot vote to elect members to the Board.


First Year offer of iEOA:

Free annual membership open to all Network Leaders who run a group.

(Why not benefit from all your good work for running your local exams office group and encouraging the growth of our community - network leaders are expected to secure at least one additional new member in their Network group)