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Membership Benefits to you & your centre

(iEOA Charity Number: 1109163)

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(Annual centre membership fees are usually paid by your centre)


   As a full member of the iEOA your benefits:

  • Covers all exam centre staff (who then individually register under ONE Centre Membership)
  • Covers all invited invigilation staff who are doing IQ invigilation qualifications
  • Direct representation of you & your centre’s views and concerns to all stakeholders
  • Discounted membership of the ATL Union through our affiliate scheme
  • Access to the following ONE STOP SHOP day-to-day support services listed below

       Communication and peer support within your community:

     1. Targeted information and updates from the DfE, Ofqual, JCQ, FAB & Awarding
         Bodies through our Weekly e-newsletter out each Monday (9am GMT) linked updates
         and information from across the education and exam sector. 

     2. Join a Local Networks Group on the iEOA website so you are not isolated

         Direct networking opportunities through the iEOA website Local network tool linking
         you with a national community across the UK and increasingly abroad.

     3. Peer day-to-day supportthrough forums, blogs & articles about your role &
         community. Excellent down-to-earth advice and help from your peers on operational  
         concerns in your exam office. An opportunity to air your personal views and concerns.

       Recruitment and emergency cover:

     4. Job vacancy section for exam office and invigilation recruitment

         As part of your centre membership you and/or your centre can advertise posts.

     5. iEOA Centre Support Service (ECSS), offering one-to-one support in your centre 

         This is now available to help support new incoming exams office staff, top up
         experienced staff, help with new changes and developments and/or respond to

       Safe guarding your exams office:

     6. Exams Oracle – your own exam management tool on your desk top

         As an Existing Member or New Member you can access EO as part of your  annual
         membership and any renewals will go towards the hosting, maintenance and upgrade
         of EO so your centre gets an exam management service which brings all your activity
         into one place, and through which government departments, Ofqual, JCQ, awarding
         organisations, MIS providers and a host of other stakeholders can log formal
         announcements, information and updates in a more targeted format.

     7. External Candidate Service for centres so they can offer this service to this growing
        external community and secure more revenue for their centre. Members can access the
        additioanl help and advice already set up in the Examns Oracle and can reference the
        new national data base of of centres offering help and support.

     8. Exam SEND Service - to support the delivery of Access Arrangements

       Training and development for you and your team:

     9. Access to Professional Development Training (PDT) at a centre near you

         In the past most forms of training focused on delivering the basic mechanics of the
         exam office role led by government and awarding bodies processes and procedures.
         These elements are essential in any training programme but are not enough. PDT
         takes this needed service a step further by including more practice and personal
         development which will help people to cope with not only short terms fixes, but
         transform long term difficulties into more possitive outcomes.

   10. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support a professional workforce

         through the iEOA St. Mary's University qualification online suite for levels 2, 3, 4 & 5.

   11. Invigilation advice, training and qualifications to help manage your invigilation
         team. You can now get the iEOA DVD on invigilation guidance and help as part of your
       membership, access to the Industry Qualifications invigilation qualifications  suite.

Additional benefit to individuals with iEOA centre membership: 

12. NEU/ATL affiliate scheme - The iEOA is not a union and urges all members to be fully aware of their employment status within their centre and secure any appropriate help and support, especially during these challenging times , and will now be attached to the New Education Union combining the ATL with the National Union of Teachers which will hold their first combined conference in 2018.


The ATL - The Association of Teachers and Lectures opened its doors to the exam office community back in 2006 because the ATL recognised the important role the exams office community play in supporting students through their educational experience and especially during exam times when students are under a lot of stress.

 ATL update on Support Staff & iEOA

The NEU/ATL also helps in promoting this community's aspiration to develop a more professional centre exam office workforce which can stand alongside its established teaching colleagues.


Through our affiliated membership with the NEU/ATL individuals can get concessionary rates.

Follow these links for further information about joining the NEU/ATL - www.neu.org.uk

  iEOA Membership | NEU/ATL Terms & Conditions

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iEOA membership terms and conditions 2017/18