iEOA Centre & Individual Memberships on offer

(iEOA Charity Number: 1109163)


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(Annual centre membership fees are usually paid by your centre)

'Support should be an essential, not a market force lottery'

1. Standard Centre Membership - annual fee is £60 (No VAT):

   Covers all exam office centre staff (who then individually register under ONE membership)

   Covers all invited invigilation staff who are doing IQ invigilation qualifications

   Direct representation of your centre’s views and concerns to all stakeholders


   Special offer - why not claim a two year membership fee at this year's rate? 

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2. Centres with multiple sites  Negotiate a discount on the (annual fee with No VAT) Contact the iEOA for more information & how we can help you

3. Corporate Centre Membership for Academy Trusts welcome - can be negotiated on an individual basis by just contacting the iEOA on –

4. Individual Membership is now on offer across the Education and Exam sector, at the discretion of the iEOA to anyone interested in supporting this community's objectives.  

Access to the following ONE STOP SHOP day-to-day support services

Communication and peer support within your community:

     1. Targeted information and updates from the DfE, Ofqual, JCQ, FAB and Awarding Bodies

     2. Join a Local Networks Group on the EOA website so you are not isolated

     3. Peer day-to-day support through forums, blogs & articles about your role & community

Recruitment and emergency cover:

     4. Job vacancy section for exam office and invigilation recruitment

     5. EOA Centre Support Service (ECSS), offering one-to-one support in your centre 

Safe guarding your exams office:

     6. Exams Oracle – exam management tool including The EXAMS TIMETABLE

     7. External Candidate Service to support centre funding and individual access to the system

     8. Exam SEND Service - to support the delivery of Access Arrangements

Training and development for you and your team:

     9. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support a professional workforce

     10. Invigilation CPD advice, training and qualifications to help manage invigilation teams



Union membership:

     Affiliate membership of the ATL 'the Education Union' (soon to join the NUT)



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