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Job Vacancies Service

(iEOA Charity Number: 1109163)

Current Vacancies

Fully paid up members of the iEOA can advertise job vacancies on this website

New Recruitment service starts in September 2018   

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Please e-mail your advertisement as a Word or PDF Document to: ieoa.office@examofficers.org.uk

 If you are not a member of the iEOA and would still like to place a job advertisement then please telephone us on 0118 975 8552 for further help and advice.


And this service is not just about putting up advertisements for centres and individuals -

we provide guidance on job specs, interviews and additional support to SLTs, HR & EOs


Exams Officer  - CLOSED - Friday 9th November 2018


Coventry College, Coventry

Please click for details | Advert | JD              


Exams Manager  - CLOSED - Sunday 16th Sept. 2018

Trinity Catholic High School, London

Please click for details | Advert | JD | Person Spec                     



Assistant Exams Assessor  - ClOSED - Monday 10th Sept. 2018 

University College of Estate Management (UCEM), Reading

Please click for details | Advert                                                    


2 Exams Assistant roles - CLOSED - Monday 13th August 2018

University College of Estate Management (UCEM), Reading

Please click for details | Advert                                                    



Why do we leave old job vacancies up? Both exam office staff and HR staff find it useful to be able to access old job ads for information about job descriptions, role and setting appropriate salaries. All part of the iEOA service to you and your centre. Use us or lose us!

Emergency Support Service

iECSS offer centre support and training for new exam officers and are available to stand in for experienced exams office staff. Click here for details.

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