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Invigilation welcome page

(iEOA Charity Number: 1109163)


The invigilation Team is a vital part of exams delivery so this section is

  1.   To help bring both internal exam office and external invigilation 
      communities closer together.
  2.   To help support the training and development of invigilation staff who
      often provide the backbone to services during live exam periods.
  3.   To help develop national standards on pay, conditions and good practice.
  4.   To provide a two-way channel for the invigilation community to share their
      experiences and have their contributions appropriately acknowledged

 FREE Invigilation resource from our partner ETD


> Invigilation overview on registration /resources / qualifications for your centre


> Industry Qualifications (IQ) for invigilators:


> Recruiting your Invigilation Team: