International links with China:

The EOA was invited to speak at the 2019 CERB Forum & Global Educational Resource Expo for Chinese International Schools at Palace Garden Hotel in Beijing in May 2019. The 2019 CERB Forum was hosted by Beijing Foreign Studies University and co-organized by International Education Group, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University Education Group, Education Group of Guangdong University of Foreign and Studies, Beijing Shengtao Education Development and Innovation Research Institute and Shengtai Investment Education Group.

This event brought together expertise involved in international education delivery from all over China with input from various countries around the world, including the UK. The British education and exam system is highly regarded within China with more and more students applying to British schools and university's to study. The EOA International will be sharing its expertise on exams delivery across a range of Chinese and international establishments as it develops markets overseas.

International links with Africa:

For several years the EOA has been providing training and support for a range of conferences mainly focused on South Africa and Kenya. The British education and exam system is highly regarded by many African countries which still mirror the British education system. Exam officers across the world need to share their expertise so all learners benefit. The world is indeed a smaller place and students move countries for educational and employment opportunities. Their own domestic education and exam system is the launch pad for this journey and therefore exams delivery is a universal experience across the world which they EOA wants to share.

Special links with Nigeria:

The EOA have run exam officers courses for the Nigerian Air Force and Navy military schools and colleges. Alongside the Nigerian state educational system a whole range of independent, private, civil service, and military schools and colleges operate. These military schools and colleges are funded by the Nigerian military to provide a source of highly educated and resourced personnel to serve their country's needs. Nigeria has the third highest population in world at over 200,663,734 million people. The median age in Nigeria is 17.9 years.

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