note: A2A is in the process of restructuring this website to reflect a wider community beyond the EOA  membership ethos and much of the EOA components will be relocated into their own area.

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Who is it for?

For the Exam Officer Community.

Since its creation in 1999, the EOA has provided help and support, through its forums and wide range of activities, to the exams officer community with any difficulties individual officers might have. However, with the advent of social media and the creation of alternative provisions many of the issues, both personal and operational, are shared more openly. For some, this may provide a quick fix on certain issues and concerns, but for others who prefer to discuss more sensitive issues, there is a need to deal with those areas in a more secure way.

The approach which the EOA has applied to such enquiries remains unchanged. All communications are treated in the strictest confidence. The objective is to provide impartial independent feedback and support to centres on their engagement with the education and exam system. All specific awarding body questions, as usual, would be redirected back to the appropriate awarding body, the JCQ or FAB, a practice the EOA has successfully applied over the past 20 years.

For Parents.

The EOA is receiving a growing number of enquires from parents on a whole range of education and exam issues. There is a sense of frustration for many that the exam system, which has such an impact on their children and families, is seemingly seen as a ‘closed shop’ to anyone not directly associated with the education and the exam sector.

The objective of this service is to help parents understand how the exam system operates within the education sector, promote greater transparency and provide advice and guidance on how best to deal with their issues and concerns. It is clear from some of the enquiries being made by frustrated parents that they are often asking the wrong people the wrong questions because of a lack of knowledge and awareness of systems and practices in place. The EOA want to help parents understand more about the exam system, based upon guidance from Ofqual (the exams regulator) and the 130 awarding bodies.

For Students

Before, during and after a major exam period social media, is flooded with comments by students across the educational spectrum on what went right or wrong in their exams. Some have taken to using this format to complain about questions, subjects, their teaching, the exam body, the exams officer, the invigilator on the day, injustice, and a sense of downright frustration with the system.

The educational experience of most students is capped by having to take exams and until now there has been no formal outlet for students to have a voice on a sector that has such an important impact on their futures. The EOA is here to inform and educate students about how the system operates and to direct students to appropriate help and support, and so avoid some of the misinformation and inaccuracies being shared across social media which often cause more damage and anxiety for fellow students. Why not be part of a more positive debate on what affects you and your fellow students, based on sound information and advice through established sources?