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Learning Records Service


The iEOA is working in close partnership with the Learning Records Service (formerly called MIAP- Managing Information Across Partners) which is now part of the Skills Funding Agency to help administer and streamline the examination system.



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LRS organisational portal

Guidance about accessing the LRS organisational portal and latest releases. Includes the monthly headline report for national learners aged 14+.

To access their website click the LRS icon above or visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/lrs-organisation-portal/lrs-organisation-portal


In UK schools and colleges, they are using the Unique Learning Number (ULN) as a common identifier for candidate, learner, student and pupil related information.


This number is used by UK Awarding Organisations as a common identifier for candidate information and the ULN features on results slips, certificates and administration systems. The ULN is also the key to the Personal Learning Record or known as the  Individual Learner Record which is being trialled by UCAS Apply at present to access and verify candidates’ GCSE results. The ULN is also being piloted by universities.


All schools will already have ULNs allocated to their pupils and candidates (aged 14+) which can be accessed from the school’s Management Information system. Click here to find out more information or ask your own MIS Manager for more information and to check if you are already set up as a Learner Registration Body.


Click to the Learning Records Service for more information about all of their free services and products which are designed to make life easier and more streamlined for all those working in education.


While this partnership agreement is based on the shared objective of delivering a safe, robust and successful exam system, the iEOA works alongside the Learning Records Service as an independent stakeholder. The iEOA believes that this type of relationship fosters a greater sense of shared ownership in the successful delivery of present and future exam systems.