Uday Patel was one of the founder members of the EOA and worked as an exam officer at School in London. Uday set up the first EOA website and forum to help support exam officers facing extreme changes in exams delivery over curriculum 2000. Uday joined QCA to help create the formal EOA organisation but left after the creation of an elected body in 2005 and went back to teaching maths in London.
Helen Sandom came onto the EOA board as one of the first non educational personnel to help support its growth and development through her commercial marketing expertise. Helen brought a real reality check to the rather protected world of education and exams and helped to  transform the EOA during her tenure. Helen continues to work in marketing through her very successful Windsor based company.

Alan Waymont PHd was an exams manager at Peter Symonds College in  Winchester and one of the first chairs to represent the college community. Alan believed that the EOA was and still is a networking group on a grand scale, but which has the opportunity to influence and effect real change for the good of the EOA membership and others in education, by speaking with a powerful, knowledgeable and authoritative voice to the decision-makers in the education world.

Roy Waite,  a teaching exams officer from Manchester, was part of the original negotiating team to go to meet the newly formed National Assessment Agency, part of QCA in London. While Roy did not join the EOA team taken on by QCA he did become a trustee and attended various events as a presenter.    His most memorable contribution was in South Africa when he decided to introduce some of his expertise, as a professional musician, to the delivery programme. Roy has retired from the education and exams world and gone back to his beloved music to continue his professional career.

Sheila Rhodes based in Kent. Sheila became the first chair of the newly elected board of trustees in 2005 and went on to represent the EOA community at various EOA, governments and exam body events. Sheila was a true advocate of promoting the exam officer community, not as low level non trained and unprofessional workforce but a group which was made up of highly qualified individuals who where being underused, under resourced and often, undermined.