In direct response to the changing market and support available the EOA believed in the original objective of providing centres with some one-to one cover so the Exams Centre Support Service (ECSS) was launched and supported by some of the original NAA Centre Support staff with whom the EOA had fought so hard to get in place, back in 2004.

Launch of invigilation qualifications suite with Industry Qualifications (IQ). For many years the exams officer community found themselves caught between trying to comply with JCQ directives and guidelines and the culture within their centres. The EOA introduced a CPD programme to support and back up some excellent practice in centres by the exam officer community.

(IQ) INV2 - Award for the Standard Invigilator

(IQ) SINV3 - Award for the Senior Invigilator

(IQ) MINV3 - Award for Invigilation Managers

The EOA and its community was honoured, when the MBE was awarded at Buckingham Place to one of its longstanding members and supporters Janet Martin, for her excellent and unreserved services to this community, as a teacher, exams officer, trustee and EOA CPD manager. At last establishment was recognising the role of the exams officer community in the education and exams sector. Sadly, Jan's husband died just before she went to the palace but she was joined by her daughter and son on the big day. A day we can all treasure as a success for the whole EOA community.