The EOA was approached by a newly set up organisation the NAA, an operational arm of QCA on exams delivery, to set up a professional body to represent the exams officer community with funds to support its set up and ongoing operation based upon what the EOA founder members called the ‘exams officer wish list’. (Held at the iEOA office in Reading)

  • A annual training programme for the exam officer community (later to be known as the NAA induction programme)
  • Network groups to be set up and supported for new and experienced staff
  • Professional qualifications to bring non-teaching exam officers onto a power with their outgoing teaching exam officers
  • A centre support team to give one-to-one support in all centres
  • ITC upgrades in centres so they can access external information effectively
  • Events and conferences to raise the profile of the community with greater engagement
  • Have an independent voice representing centres in the education and exam system 

Andrew Harland was approached in his school as a serving exams officer by the NAA and provided all the foundation information, gathered from EOA colleagues and based upon his MSc research and the EOA founders ‘wish list’, which was to become the handbook for the NAA Modernisation programme set up to run between (2004 – 2007).

Andrew Harland, Uday Patel, Roger Pointon and Roy Waite (who joined the team) were invited to QCA to consider posts within the forthcoming NAA Modernisation Programme. Andrew Harland was offered a post to lead this new professional EOA body, with Uday Patel as second in command. Roger Pointon parted company with the EOA and took up an official post to help create the NAA Centre Support

Team and became known to all amongst the exams officer community– ‘as Mr. NAA man’. Roy Waite a practicing exams officer and ex-head of Music was not offered any positions within this new structure but later became a Trustee of the newly formed EOA elected board in later years.

Uday Patel and Andrew Harland joined the ranks of QCA to support the NAA modernisation programme and turn the EOA from a lobby group into a professional organisation.

An Interim EOA Board was set up to create a company (5370909) and was made up of the founding members Andrew Harland and Uday Patel, various exam officer practitioners including Ian Judd and Janet Martin and NAA representatives.