EOA offer on customer service support on centre-based issues to AQA, Edexcel & OCR (the main exam bodies in England and part of the ‘big 5’ with CCEA (NI) and the WJEC in Wales.

The EOA offered the first independent conferences between EOs and exam bodies with both Edexcel and OCR represented. AQA decided not to come as the EOA was considered a commercial entity. The EOA was in fact just a lobby group at this stage trying to raise the profile of its community with its founders still very much attached to their schools.

The launch of AQA the regional support team based upon the intelligence from the EOA open forum and its meetings with the EOA over future customer service. The excellent customer service team from AQA was born and copied later by the National Assessment Agency (NAA) for their National centre Support Team.

The ‘Summer fiasco’ as it became known resulted in the resignation of the head of QCA over the management of results with the new AS and A2 modular model and sparked a reaction from government to review the whole exam system at every level, including exams delivery.

Andrew Harland representing the EOA community was invited to join Mike Tomlinson’s task force at QCA to provide insight on issues and concerns related to the new modular exams model being introduced. The term ‘Exams Officer’ became an official title in documents and had already been adopted by the EOA in its official name*.