Frequently Asked Questions



Who are the EOA?
For more information about how the EOA started and who runs it, see the About Us section by clicking on the link on the right.

Related download:

Rules of Membership
Details of membership categories, rules and fees (354kb, word)


What can the EOA do for me?
See the Member Benefits page by clicking on the link on the left.


Who can join the EOA Centre Membership?
There are three categories of EOA membership:

Full Members:
Full membership is open to all Exam Office Personnel working within a registered centre anywhere in the world. Full members pay an annual subscription fee and have access to all the Association’s benefits and services including the members section of the website. Full members are entitled to suffix their name with the designation of MEOA and can vote to elect EOA Board members from within the membership.

Affilate Members (invigilators & SENCOs only):
Exam Office Personnel can register as Associate members of the EOA and have limited access to the Association’s benefits and services and although they will receive regular newsletters and information they cannot access the members section of the EOA website.

EOA Fellows (honorary):
This category of membership applies to retired Exam Office Personnel who still wish to stay in touch with the Association via newsletters and other communications. There is no subscription applicable to EOA Fellows and they cannot vote to elect members to the Board.


How much does it cost to join?
Since 1st September 2016 there have been two levels of fees for membership:
  • £60 for new membership
  • £55 for renewals

Fees are only applicable to persons with Full membership. Associate members and EOA

Fellows are not charged and are not eligible to the same benefits as Full members, including

access to certain areas of the website. These fees will be reviewed annually and members will

be advised accordingly if there is any change.

Fees are charged annually.

While some members may want or have to pay their own fee to access the EOA benefit package, members may wish to seek support for this fee from their centres in the interests of helping to maintain their exam office workforce.


Why can’t I log into the website?
There could be several reasons for this:
  • Are you a registered member? If not, use the online registration form to register.
  • Usernames and passwords are case sensitive so check that they have been put in correctly.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, click on password reminder on the home page.
  • If this doesn’t work, you will need to email us at with your name and centre details.


Where can I find out about specific information to me without going through the entire website?
Go to the home page and use the search facility. Type in some key words and click on Search.


How can I find out the contact details of other EOA members in my area?
Due to the Data Protection Act, the EOA cannot give out the contact details of its members.


Where can I learn about exam office job vacancies?
This section is now open to all visitors to the website. There is a link to job vacancies in the left hand navigation from the home page.