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How to access the service:

Existing centres supporting External Candidates:

  • Please be assured your centre's individual provision will not be compromised by this development and the iEOA will work closely in the interests of each centre to support what they feel comfortable with when offering services to external candidates.
  • The iEOA office will contact each centre already listed in its secure library of centres to update their position and the services they provide.
  • The iEOA will not be providing a registration service for individuals who might approach them but pass them on to established registered Home Education centres to deal with all the backoffice process and/or existing mainstream centres who are already setup to do this.

Setting up a new External Service:


1. If you are in a centre which wants to be added to the iEOA list of centres to provide access to External Candidates then please contact the iEOA office quickly.


         Please click here for a Centre Registration Form 2017/18

         Please click here for External Candidate Request Form 2017/18

2. The iEOA office will provide you will all the help and guidance to set this service up and has already a reference section in the Exams Oracle - 1.1.4


Contact - ieoa.office@examofficers.org.uk - title - 'External Candidate Support'


3. "Home educators and those wishing to take exams as external candidates can find additional support and information via the 'HE Exams wiki' at www.home-education-exams.org.uk" with which the iEOA are working in co-operation.