External Candidate Service


Who is the service for?


This service is to help and support exam office staff who might consider offering their services to any prospective external candidates seeking to take a public exam in their centre. If you read the background to this issue it is clear that many exam office staff have felt that they are already overburdened by their role, and therefore have no time to take on any external candidate work.


The iEOA is committed to helping towards a more 'user friendly' public exam system which can be assessed more easily by all students, wherever they are, and from whatever background.


 The iEOA Mission Statement


The iEOA is an independent professional body and registered charity -


·  lobbying for more cost-effective exams delivery systems

·  through the promotion of a more professionally trained exam office workforce

·  which will benefit all learners and allow them to reach their full potential


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We are working with one of the leading organisations who support the external candidate community the National Extension College (NEC) - click here

We are urging our members and non-members to review their working practices and try and help these external candidates fulfil their potential through the formal public exam system. The exams office community have another opportunity to share their expertise while at the same time can contribute directly in helping to improve on their centre's funds, while having a major impact on the future of these learners.


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