External candidate Form – requesting access to a centre to take public exams – academic year 2019/20 

Please read this information carefully before submitting your application to the EOA

Notes: The EOA is offering this service to all candidates who wish to use this service and there will be a small administrative fee. The EOA takes no responsibility for the services provided by any centre once a match between centre and candidate has been set up. All issues over fees, procedures and requests must be dealt with through that relationship and the EOA will not act on behalf of either party to resolve any issues that might evolve.

The EOA is charity and not-for-profit organisation and therefore is only here to help support all students wishing to access the exam system.

This information provided by you will not be shared with anyone. Once you have completed the form the EOA will then review who might best match your request. The EOA will then approach a centre(s) to see if they are still offering that service. If a match is found both parties will be put in touch with each other. Once that engagement has taken place the EOA will step back and leave both parties to deal with the detail. All fees, procedures centre requests etc are all determined by the centre, and not the EOA.

If you do not complete this form as requested the EOA cannot help you because no centre will accept an approach unless they have all the facts. If you mislead a centre then you will be listed and other centres on our data base may reject dealing with you in the future. Once again can we urge you to be as informative as you can so we can find the right centre to support your needs. Good Luck and please feedback on your experience!

Making a request on behalf of the following candidate – My full name is: _____________________________

Candidate’s full name: __________________________ Female/Male Age : ___________________________

(that will go on all entries and your exams certificates / all nick names etc will be rejected by the EOA)

Parent/ guardian contacts landline: ____________________ Contacts mobile: _________________________

Main contacts address: _____________________________________________________________________


Post code: ____________ Main Contact email address: ___________________________________________

Tutor/ parent name : __________________________Course Centre name: ___________________________

What exams are you requesting to take?

General Qualifications - Foundation   GCSEs    iGCSEs   GCE A levels    IB (ring all that is relevant)

Name Exam Bodies used eg EDEXCEL__________________________________________________________

Vocational Qualifications – BTEC    Cambridge Nationals    City in Guilds (ring all that is relevant)

Other GERMAN IGCSE ONLY_________________________________________________________________

Do you require any SEN support? yes/ No Please state your needs ___________________________________

Please Scan the form and return it to the Examination Officers’ Association (EOA) and then email it to [email protected] (and attach any additional information)