Form to collect information on what services YOUR centre will offer external candidates

Notes: This information will not be shared with anyone without the permission of the centre concerned.

The EOA will make every endeavour to deal with all requests from external candidates before passing their details onto a prospective centre that might match their requirements. It will then be at the discretion of the centre whether they wish to deal with the request. All the EOA will require is a feedback statement from the centre on whether the action was successful or not.

Once the centre and the external candidate have been matched up it then down to both parties on how this relationship will progress. Fees, services and procedures are determined by the centre and agreed with candidate. The EOA does provide full guidance to any centre on external candidate management through its Exam Oracle service were templates can be accessed which provide guidance and information from established centres already offering access to external candidates.

This form is only a guide and does not commit any centre to offering any services but we welcome your feedback on a regular basis to keep this data base fully up-to-date. Thanks!

Main centre contact: ___________________________ Title: _______________________________________

Telephone: ____________________ Email address: ______________________________________________

Name of Centre: __________________________________________________________________________

Centre Number: _________________ Country: _______________________ Region: *__________________

Full address: _____________________________________________________________________________



Post code: ___________________ Website address: _____________________________________________

What exams will your centre offer? Please tick boxes below * please leave blank for EOA use ONLY
eg.General Qualifications - Foundation  GCSEs    iGCSEs    GCE A levels     IB

Other ___________________________________________________________________________________

eg. Vocational Qualifications – BTEC Cambridge Nationals City in Guilds

Other ___________________________________________________________________________________

Age range offered 11- 16 | 11- 18 | post 18 | adults | SEN – ring all that are relevant

Please return to the Examination Officers’ Association (EOA) by scanning this form and emailing it to [email protected]