Exams can be a stressful time for any student. When you have a vision impairment, this can be compounded by additional fears.

“Will I get the paper in large print or braille, so I can read it? Will there be any mistakes in the modified papers? Will I be allowed to use my specialist equipment during the exam?”

The Young Vision Alliance, Our Futures Matter Report, 2018 are campaigning that “Children and young people with vision impairment must be given better support to access exams and national tests. This includes receiving all exam and test papers correctly presented in large print [in the right format and font size] or braille. Schools also need more support to ensure they apply for appropriate access arrangements such as having a reader to read out a question or describe diagrams, having a scribe to write at sufficient speed, or using specialist technology like a braille writer or magnifier.”

As an exam officer you can help and ensure that students with a vision impairment receive the right papers, support and access arrangements so that their grades are unaffected, and they’re enabled to perform at their best.

Contact your local Sensory Support Service early and get the right provision lined up, for mocks and the actual exams. RNIB can also offer support and advice: contact us on [email protected]

Our Futures Matter Report, 2018
Available from: https://www.rnib.org.uk/campaigning-current-campaigns/children-and-education

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