Instructions for using Exam Office Blog

If you click on Exam Office Blog, it will bring up all the blogs that have been added.

When adding a blog it is best to write the blog onto a word document and then copy and paste the text into the blog window provided. But please be careful as there are lots of coding issues with word. So before you paste please use notebook to strip out any problem coding. Once you have pasted your article into the appropriate window, you can then play around with the format.

Title: When putting a title to your blog please just add the MONTH

To add a new blog you just need to do the following:

  1. Click on add new post (top right of screen)
  2. Add a relevant title
  3. Copy the text from your word document and paste it into the big white text box
  4. Once the text has been copied you need to format it, to do that make sure all of the text is highlighted and then click on the remove formatting button (it looks like an eraser, pink on the top and white on the bottom)
  5. Once the text has been formatted, you can change the text colour, size, etc
  6. There is also an option to upload images (they must be saved as jpeg, gif or png) to upload you just click on the Browse button and search in the relevant folder.
  7. Once you are completely happy with the blog you can click-Save Post
  8. You can preview and edit your comments before posting

Your blog will now be saved on the website for people to read and comment on. Have your say!