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  • Please remember this Blog is open to the public to see unlike the Members FORUM and the rest of the education/exam stakeholder community and has been set up to provide the exams office community with the opportunity to share broad themes, issues and concerns with the outside world.
  • These may have been experienced personally in centres and members may feel, they, the exams office community as a whole, and the wider world would benefit if such activity was more openly discussed.
  • The Exam Office Blog has therefore not been created as a forum to discuss general exam office activity or tasks nor should be used openly as a promotional tool. That is best dealt with in the Members Forums or through other areas on the website such as the Network Service. But all members are invited to write and/or contribute to articles on activity and issues they want to raise on behalf of this community.



Message to Full Members

Please note that the everyone can see the blog (on the public access home page) but only you can access the blog to add a new blog or edit it through your normal log in on the top left hand side of the screen (Members Area). This is a secure method of communication to share and inform your peers.


The message on the existing blog screen when accessed through the Public Page System automatically throws up a message asking you to log in but requests you to add your Forum (User) Name and password. Please ignore this instruction and go directly to the log in boxes on the top left hand corner of the screen as usual adding your - email address & password.

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