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Recruitment of Centre Exam Office staff

Handing over the role:


In addition to the standard introduction for new staff, the induction programme for the successful candidate should include:

  • A  handover period from the outgoing Exams Officer or Manager (although circumstances may not always allow this).  Each centre has its individual systems, so even an experienced Exams Officer should be allowed time for familiarisation
  • Introduction to SLT, HODs, SENCO and Heads of Year
  • A review of all specifications taken in the centre
  • A review all IT systems being operated
  • Introduction to the Invigilation team
  • Access to the iEOA membership services including the Exams Oracle tool
  • And peer support services such as the forum, blog, and Network Service



To help you make decisions on getting the best personnel:


Focus on Exams Manager / Officer


1. Sample Job Description to use for recruitment purposes and update your own role


2.Pay Scales (provided by the ATL teaching union to which the iEOA is affiliated)


3. More Job Descriptions for the whole centre exam office team


Focus on Exam Office Assistant


4. Advertise personal & centre Job Vacancies - the iEOA offers all full members a free
    service including help and advice on job applications, descriptions and interviews.


5. Consider the Type of Interview and the staff members who will be involved in the
    screening of application forms and undertaking the interviews on the day.


6. Consider a CPD programme from St. Mary's University or Industry Qualifications