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August 24/2017 - GCSE results day briefing - chaired by the JCQ, in London

August 17/2017 - A level results day briefing - chaired by the JCQ, in London

June 6/2017 - ATEC - Assistive Technology conference, in London

May 25/2017 - Guild HE & Cathedral Group, in London

May 17/2017 - Business Show, in London

May 17/2017 - The impact of Grammar schools on education, LSE London

May 12/2017 - ACF meeting on Access Arrangements, chaired by Ofqual, in Coventry

May 6-8/2017 – COBIS Conference for international schools, in London

April 10-12/2017 – ATL conference launch of New Education Union, in Liverpool

March 29/2017 – WJEC English Regional Support meeting, in Cardiff

March 28/2017 – meeting with Nuance/Deafex on SEND & Exam issues, in Marlow

March 23/2017 – Launch of the new TES publication at Westminster, in London

March 20/ 2017 – Teachers Association JCQ group update, in London

March 15/2017 - End of financial year EOA Board of Trustees meeting, Reading

March 08/2017 - ESBG meeting, chaired by Ofqual, Coventry

February 28/2017 – meeting with Chair at Alderman School

February 18/2017 - Launch of the College of Teaching, London

February 08/2017 - Association of Colleges Exam Officer event, Loughborough

February 08/2017 - The EOA Southern office is closed as Mr Harland is attending
                                  his father's funeral, but the EOA Northern Office is open and
                                  advise everyone to email it on

February 06/2017 -Meeting with Exam Team Development, Oxford

February 02/2017 - Head Teachers Round Table event, London

February 01/2017 - Co-operative Schools Network, London

January 25/2017 - BETT Show, London

January 23/2017 - Launch of new initiative on securing more examiners, London

January 23/2017 - ACF meeting dealing with Access Arrangements, Coventry

January 17/2017 - Ofqual meeting on Access Arrangements, London

January 10/2017 - ATL event in suport of New Education Union, Aylesbury