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December 20/2016 - EOA offices will close for the holiday break

December 05/2016 - EOA Board of Trustees, in Reading

November 14/2016 - Ofqual Autumn Symposium - How consistent can marking be? - in London

November 11/2016 - Capita conference on the Secondary Cirriculum, in London

November 09/2016 - Ofqual ESBG summer post results meeting, in Coventry

November 08/2016 - meeting with Sally Collier CEO of Ofqual, in London

November 07/2016 - Westminster Education Forum, in London - 'Raising Pupil Attainment in the North of England' - click here for more information

October 17/2016 - meeting at JCQ with teachers group, in London

October 10/2016 - meeting with Steven Tims MP, at Westminster in London

October 07/2016 - ACF meeting at Ofqual on Access Arrangements, in Coventry

October 04/2016 - meeting with Pearson's customer service, in London

September 28/2016 - meeting with Exam Team Development, in Reading

September 26/2016 -IQ Invigilation certs. presentation at St. Alban's School, in St. Albans

September 20/2016 - meeting of WJEC regional meeting, in London

September 13/2016 - meeting with the new CEO of OCR Leo Shapiro, in Cambridge

September 13/2016 - meeting with the National Extension College on the development of the EOA External Candidate Service related issues, in Cambridge

September 13/2016 - meeting with Pearson Publishing of Cambridge (host of the Exams Oracle system), in Cambridge

September 08/2016 - meeting with RM, in Abingdon

September 08/2016 - invite by ATL's new president, in London

August 25/2016 - GCSE - RESULTS DAY  - Thursday

August 18/2016 - GCE A Level RESULTS DAY - Thursday

July 31/2016 - The EOA will be moving out of its present office at the University of Reading, during a period of refurbishment on the London Road site.

05 July/2016 - EOA Board of Trustees meeting, at Reading - all suggestions, concerns, issues and feedback are welcome by Friday 24th June 

June 30/2016 - Westminster Education Forum, in London - EOA invited to speak on appeals and post results and how it will impact on future education reforms

June 23-14/2016 - Education Festival at Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berks

JUNE 23/2016 - UK votes on European Referendum

June 17/2016 - developing the invigilation programme with Industry Qualifications (IQ)

June 16/2016 - Meeting with NCFE representatives, in Reading

June 14/2016 - Small Business Development meeting with Sir Clive Woodward, in London

June 14/2016 - Access Arrangements Forum at Ofqual, in Coventry - this group look at changes in legislation which impact on the JCQ publications

May 25/ 2016 - Final Awards ceremony of The College of Teachers (TCOT) at Middlesex University with the presentations made by its patron His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh to Anna Grantham (level 5), Julie Short (level 4) and Andrew Harland (Honorary Fellowship)

May 13/2016 - 'Roadmap for Life' - SEND, Access Arrangements, Assistive Technology and exams , in London - for more details click here

May 07 -09/2016 - COBIS conference, in London

May 05/2016 - UCAS meeting, in Cheltenham - looking at forthcoming exam period

May 04/2016 - ESEG meeting at Ofqual in Coventry, Terry Ford represented the EOA

May 04-05/2016 - 4th annual conference in Africa for the combating education irregularities and exam fraud, in Johannesburg, South Africa with representation from Swaziland, Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Seychelles, Lesotho, Nigeria and the EOA.

April 29/2016 - JCQ meeting, in London - please send your requests to the EOA office as soon as possible

April 26/2016 - ACEVO London & SE membership group , in London - Addressing Change

April 14/2016 - LRS Customer Scrutiny Group, in Coventry

April 13/2016 - Exams Procurement for colleges hosted by the Crown Commercial Service, in London

March 15/2106 - EOA Board of Trustees meeting, at Reading - all suggestions, concerns, issues and feedback are welcome by Friday 26th February

February 11/2016 - Ramadan exams meeting group - at ASCL HQ in Leicester - the EOA has been invited by ASCL, as part of this developing relationship, to represent the exam office community on how members will be supporting students across the country 

February 09-10/2016 - Association of Colleges Exam officer Conference in Nottingham. The EOA will be running a workshop and have a stand

February 04/2016 - Inter-subject Comparability Conference, Westminster - invite to EOA to represent the exam delivery community in schools and colleges

January 28/2016 - Access Arrangements Consultative Forum - Ofqual, Coventry

January 21/2016 - BETT London - EOA meetings with various partnerships

January 20/2016 - England Advisory Group with WJEC / Eduqas - Derby