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Past Events & Meetings 2010

December 1st / 2010 EOA Board of Trustees (finance committee) (Reading)
This group meet before each full Board of Trustees meeting.

December 7th / 2010 EOA Full Board of Trustees meeting (Reading University)


Your Board of Trustees are meeting on the 7th December to discuss the future programme of the EOA so please email in your requests, views and comments as soon as possible to the EOA office                                                                         

November 9th / 2010 EOA meeting with the Department for Education (London)

The EOA is a major stakeholder representative in the exams office community and the DfE has approached the EOA as part of their consultation process on how best to meet the needs of our community, once QCDA have gone.

November 1st / 2010 EOA Board of Trustees meeting at Reading College
Key focus is on reviewing the EOA position in relation to changes in the provision of services
against a climate of declining financial support from government.

October 12th / 2010 Exams Task Force - Coventry (Ofqual offices)

Tony House (BOT member) will be representing your views at the next exams task force which occurs after every exam period. Top of the list will be GCSE results, the OCR A* issue and your concerns over hard copies. Thank you for all your comments so far and keep them coming.

September 22nd / 2010 SJC - Manchester (AQA offices)

Your views will be represented by Roy Waite (BOT member) at the next Standing Joint committee (SJC) on feedback from exams.

September 10th / 2010 EDI development group - London (OCR offices)

Alan Waymont and Tony House (BOT members) will be representing your views on the future of these systems so the EOA will keep you posted