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  Continuing Professional Development

(in collaboration with St. Mary's University) 




Applications for CPD courses available

(under review for next year)


Background: Exams and assessment sit at the heart of every educational establishment. The link between St. Mary’s University, with its foundation in teacher training, and the iEOA, with its long standing foundations in promoting a more professional exams delivery service, will bring the communities closer together and re-establish an exams process that is driven through teaching and learning, which will lay down a ‘normal way of learning’ in classrooms that can be more effectively implemented throughout centres undertaking public exams and assessment.


You can access the information by going directly to the St. Mary's University website home page then click on 'Study' ', and then click on 'Short Courses & CPD' – and then click on the blue CPD button to access the iEOA/SMU CPD 'Courses 2018/2019'.


This would reduce conflicts between class room practice and exam process, encourage greater cooperation and awareness on exams delivery internally because responses are being from within the centre community, with the cooperation and support of the awarding body community, and is not just dependent on external pressures and processes. 

How do you enhance your professional development?

The iEOA suggest you do three things. 


1. Read through the information on the Courses Available, discuss them with your line manager, so you are clear about which course best suits you and the needs of the centre you operate in, as they may be funding the course.


2. Complete the Self-Evaluation Tool which will help guide your choice on which course you would like to do, based upon your knowledge and skills and on lenght of service in your role. You may then feel you need to email ieoa.office@examofficers.org.uk and/or call the iEOA office 0118 975 8552 to discuss your options before sumitting an application. In today's very demanding working environment this Self-Evaluation Tool  will help you evaluate where you fit in the job market and help you review your level of skills and future employability.


3. Having done all the background research, agreed your funding and allocated the time to complete the course selected, you can then fill out the Application Form to do a course. We suggest you print off the application form, get it signed off by your line manager and then send a scanned copy to the iEOA office at ieoa.office@examofficers.org.uk.


In return you will be invoiced and given instructions on how to access and use your course and contact your allocated tutor who is an experienced exams officer and holds targetted exam office qualifications which enhance the practical nature of these courses, bringing government and awarding body theory and practice together under a recognised professional programme.


Terms and conditions


(iEOA Charity Number: 1109163)