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Network Professional Development Training Programme (NPDT)

  Terms & Conditions

The EOA are presently setting up PDT around your local networks to avoid high costs related to attending external events which have additional expenditure attached to them such as event accommodation, catering and presenter fees which are all passed onto the delegates.


The EOA are now providing as part of their centre membership free events which are being set up around individual network groups serving their local needs.


A charge will be made to non-members who wish to attend these events which will equate to a Centre Membership fee which still stands at £60 - great value for money!


Please contact the EOA office to arrange a NPDT session for your network group and let’s work together to develop a more effective self-driven and less expensive training model that supports exams office staff where they need the greatest help - close to their own community!


Contact Karen at eoa.office@examofficers.org.uk to set up your next Network event