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Farewell to the Queen of Examination Officers


At a time when the International EOA (iEOA) is beginning to look forward to meeting new challenges, one must not forget the foundations upon which it was built including the personnel who were involved in those early days. One such person was Maureen Dunbar who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and sadly passed away suddenly before Christmas. If anyone knew about the importance of this role and the contribution it made towards so many students fulfilling their potential, it was Maureen.


She became a founding member of the newly created Examination Officers’ Association (EOA) and was part of its transformation from a lobby group into a professional body to represent the exams officer community back in 2005 when it became a registered charity. Maureen attended conferences and became part of the tutor/mentor team that has supported the professional development of this community, originally through the CPD BTEC programme, which later evolved into the Chartered College of Teachers CPD programme and is now underpinned by St. Mary’s University.


Maureen was born on the 9th of August 1958 at Eastleigh/Southampton. Very soon after, her father John a Royal Marine was deployed with his family to Singapore. After approximately 3 years the family returned to the Southampton area where Maureen was brought-up and educated. In the late 80’s Maureen moved to Swindon and this is where she met Ian.


Maureen 06


In 2003 Maureen and her husband Ian sold the small printing business that they had run for approximately 23 years and Maureen started on her new career as an Examinations Officer. She started at Beechen Cliff School in Bath, then moved to Chippenham for her 1st stint at Abbeyfield, then onto St Marys at Calne before returning in 2011 to Abbeyfield.


At her funeral service Ralph Plummer, Maureen’s line manager, and Mark Fuller, a previous line manager, summed up the sort of approach Maureen had towards her role as an exams officer, where she kept everyone and everything in line whilst letting everyone else take the credit. Maureen always had a big smile and was ready and willing to assist wherever and whenever she was required.


Maureen 01


We will miss you Maureen and the International EOA will continue to represent the energy and enthusiasm you aspirated to throughout your life and in your role as an exam officer, a role you loved and cherished.


We salute you and know we have a duty to live up to your very high standards.