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2018 Some highlights from the iEOA survey

One objective behind doing the recent survey last year was to get feedback from this community to help the iEOA prepare to meet their needs in the present market place and to help define what role it should play in the future development of this community?


The message from members was quite clear. The iEOA has an essential role to play. As one member stated in relation to the discussion with the JCQ and OfQual over the lack of recognition of the role of exam officers in the various publications - "I think Exams Officers need independent representation to the JCQ to make Access Arrangements more workable, and in the review and preparation of regulations" and therefore the iEOA needs to update its independent offer and tackle the present imbalance in support across the education and exam sector so learners do not miss out.


In the survey many members were asking questions about this dependency based culture being encouraged which was not helping to reduce  - "Increased workload and Personal burnout" - nor did it encourage and promote - "a sense of belonging and unity through EO (iEOA) membership". 

So, when the question was asked - 'How important is it to you to have your role fully represented within the education and exams sector?'  it was not a surprise that 97% said that an impartial representation was essential for this community. And it was also not a surprise that 41% of those who responded, despite not being full members or had become lapsed members over the past 4 years, still wanted their voice heard through an independent iEOA survey.


Judging from the comments in the recent survey members and ex-members recognise the need to develop a strong and more effective iEOA because, as one member put it - " The most important thing for me is that there is someone watching our back". The iEOA is the only independent body doing just that, watching your backs.


The iEOA has been supporting this community for the last 18 years and will continue to work with, and constructively challenge the education and exam sector by representing this community at the highest level. To achieve members expectations the iEOA will be addressing how it delivers its future support over the next three months. It will be engaging with existing stakeholders and exploring new ones and is prepared to work with anyone who genuinely wants to support the aspirations of this invaluable community.


(full report to come out shortly)