The National iEOA Centre Support Service (iECSS) have had a busy year, supporting centres throughout the UK.  Each centre had a different story about why they needed help and guidance but the Centre Support Service were able to help them by providing experienced experts delivering targeted support and advice in exam management.

Here are just a few case studies:


Case Study 1.    An experienced exams officer had left.  The centre had appointed two fairly inexperienced exams officers consecutively, both leaving after a very short period.

The Centre Support Service were able to go into the centre to work with the SLT and advise on where they were at for the summer series planning and what was needed to be done, so the centre was ready for the summer exams.

Help and guidance was also provided for a further appointment and a bespoke training and support package has been put into place for September for that person, which will be provided by the iECSS.


Case Study 2.    A centre was let down at the very last minute by an organisation offering invigilation training.   All the invigilators had been booked to go into the centre for the days training and all the other logistical arrangements were in place within the centre. A member of the centre support service was able to step in at short notice and provide the necessary training, to meet JCQ regulations.


Case Study 3.  The exams officer had left suddenly and without leaving a handover. The centre discovered they were very well behind where they need to be for their summer planning.  An appointment was made for a temporary exams officer for the summer series but there was too much for her to manage and catch up on by herself.  A member of the centre support service, who is a highly experienced SIMS user was able to remote into the school system.  All the clashes were resolved and all the students seated and roomed, therefore enabling the school to issue exam timetables to the students and staff.


Written by Paula Woods (iEOA ECSS member)