OfQual respond to iEOA proposal


The following extract is taken from the the OfQual response to the iEOA proposal around the Access Arrangements process which tries to address the need for added clarity to help centres impliment a more effective process that will serve all learners, and in turn reduce workload and costs in centres.


We welcome the OfQual response and the proposed actions by the JCQ on behalf of its members.  The iEOA will be putting up the full document from OfQual after half term when we have had the opportunity to consider all the details, so welcome any feedback or comments from members on this issue as we lead up to that future communication.


Can we take this opportunity to thank all those who responded to the orginial surveys and fedback on the follow up articles and reports.  This does demonstrate that this community can have an effective Voice in helping to develop procedures and practices which will benefit all learners, and support the aspirations of the exams officer community.


18th May 2018


Dear Andrew

Thank you for your Proposal to Ofqual from the International EOA in which you set out a range of your concerns about the use of reasonable adjustments. You raise concerns about:

  • the clarity of the JCQ documentation on access arrangements and reasonable adjustments;
  • exam boards and other awarding organisations taking an ‘individualistic’ approach when considering requests for adjustments;
  • the lack of use of assistive technology for teaching and learning and in exams; and
  • the influence adjustments made for disabled students taking exams can have on their teaching and learning experience.

The clarity of JCQ documentation:
As you will know from your attendance at ACF meetings, we have encouraged JCQ to seek and respond to feedback on its annual publication on reasonable adjustments and access arrangements, to address concerns about its length and usability. I understand JCQ issued a public invitation for comments and considered those received.

The JCQ is arranging for the 2018/19 version of its document to be externally, independently edited with the aim of simplification. For 2019/20 the JCQ intends to introduce a user-friendly on-line version. We therefore expect to see significant improvements to the clarity and accessibility of forthcoming versions of the document.


Yours sincerely
Julie Swan
Executive Director for General Qualifications


(full publication of OfQual response after half term)