Ofqual Summer Series Symposium 29/06/2017

As part of Ofqual’s ongoing practice and policy to help update the education and exam community over all the reforms, they introduced this new event last year to support this process and it was well supported yesterday.


Sally Collier the new CEO has now been in place for one year gave an overview of how the reforms were progessing, with Cath Jadhav speaking on how Standards will be maintained for this summer’s exam season 2017; Michelle Meadows spoke on Issues related to quality of marking with a focus on building confidence and consistency in the system, while Julie Swan talked about the review on marking, moderation and appeals, with the new Ofqual chair Roger Taylor rounding proceedings off.


While there was a lot to take in and one can go to the following links below and/or go directly to the Ofqual website for full updates on present and future developments there were a few key announcements that this exam officer community need to make note of and share with their teaching colleagues and SLT.


In the past one of the main bones of contention by centres when questioning certain results was to have to prove some procedural mistake but this new approach by Ofqual which comes into operation for this summer’s result will be asking exams boards to address all forms of error in the marking process.


Clearly, if nothing is found there will be no change in marks and hopefully this approach will discourage some centres from just putting in lots EARs on a speculative basis which may lead to no changes and a waste of valuable resources and funds.


Further guidance for schools and colleges from Ofqual

Ofqual have released their decisions on the appeals pilot, together with further legal documents bringing this into effect alongside the analysis and decisions related to the project and principle learning consultations conducted earlier in the year, including Additional GCSE, AS and A level grounds for appeal

https://www.gov.uk/government/news/additional-gcse-as-and-a-level-grounds-for-appeal which links through changes to regulations for enquiries and appeals  https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/changes-to-regulations-for-enquiries-and-appeals

The guide for schools has been updated to reflect these changes https://www.gov.uk/guidance/regulation-of-gcses-as-and-a-levels-guide-for-schools

The rules for principle learning and project have also been updated too https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/project-qualification-level-conditions-and-requirements