Is the EOA just a life line for the few?


In a time when most of this community are deeply engrossed in exams delivery there are those who just about to start their role. We are getting more and more enquiries from people outside the existing education and exam community. This means that the EOA needs to adjust its ethos and vision to meet this future demand and explore ways in which it can expand and develop its existing products and services as an independent professional body, with its roots firmly planted in this exam officer community.


Jane (not her real name) contacted the EOA for help and advice on how to engage with the exam officer community and was thinking of applying for a future post, even though she had never worked in education or exams. Her first port of call was to reference the EOA self-assessment tool we use to determine which CPD course an individual might register for.


After completing the profile, discussing the background to the job, when through some interview techniques, and encouraged Jane to read up on the role based on information provided by the EOA, Jane applied for the job, and got it. Jane reported back on her success and thanked the EOA for all the help, and for our continued support.


Now, she is preparing to take up her role, knowing she will continue to have personal support directly from the EOA community. She feels she is not alone and is now looking at the existing IQ courses on invigilation, which is a core activity for all exams officers, and maybe one day, down the line, take on a future EOA CPD course.


Jane comes from an existing role in the commercial sector and recognises the importance of what it is to a professional job and be seen as a professional. In discussions with Jane she acknowledged the importance of this exam officer role and the need to join a select band of brothers and sisters through its professional body.


So, if existing members of this community have any doubt about their value and expertise, fear not! Outsiders coming in are in no doubt about the challenges facing this community, and as they stepp up to develop this role they will bring an added level of professionalism that no establishment can continue to ignore, and which these individuals, new to role, will demand in the future.